1. Yes, not sure what to make of this one. I think I read somewhere that she has gigantomastia (or some such thing…) sometimes her tits look really great but other times, well, they look strange, like huge tomatoes, (the sort you get in cans!) I saw some excerpt from a recent movie and she is definitely looking much older… the shape of her face appears to have changed. And I know she goes to the gym to keep her body in shape… but there is a difference between gym shape and natural shape and I’m not sure the gym shape does much to improve…. I suppose she has a wardrobe and makeup to get her looking her best and her long hair is an asset but I wonder, how long is the career of a porn star? She’s getting on now… surely she cannot keep doing it into her fifties or late forties (although some do) … … I don’t know. Stay well!


  1. Yes this is true, I’m not sure whether the gigantomastia is correct, it wouldn’t surprise me either way, but I do know this condition seems to have a host of other negative side effects which she doesn’t seem to have. In any case, yes she is getting older at 35. I know in another interview she mentioned an interest in directing after she retired as an actress. I don’t think she has released much more information on this. In any case she’ll always be a legend!

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    1. Well, legend, yes, definitely. Astounding body! I have never seen tits, either in the flesh, or in pics, like them. And unlike other models she seems to act well, play the part, whatever it be… but then the sexuality enters… which is what the punters want… but I’d like to see her in a straight role and perhaps just occasional flashes of cleavage… much more tantalising… but no porn. I’m old school, I like mystery, stuff to be implied rather than explicitly stated, for me the viewer to take part via the imagination!!! I see BTW that OnlyFans (is it?) is moving away from porn content so what that’ll mean is anybody’s guess. As we have agreed before, there’s still this huge social stigma where porn is concerned.


      1. Yes, a truly stupid move on their part, however I do hear they just decided to reverse that decision! I like a good deal of her porn, but not all of the scenarios. I have never liked the ones that are “rapey”. I also enjoy her more soft core material, and definitely her solo work,, however there is not much of it. Her work with Nadine Jansen’s website is great in that aspect. Also the stuff with SCORE however their makeup work I sometimes find off-putting.

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      2. Yes, I see that too. I read that lots of sex workers were already leaving and looking elsewhere for outlets. It must’ve come as a shock to the owners of the site! But porn is a mega industry. I read somewhere that porn is bigger monetarily than mainstream cinema. I agree. I hate the ones that show her being raped (even though I know it’s not real-life…) it gives men the wrong idea about sex. Women may fantasise about rape but not about the reality which is ugly and all about power. I like it where she’s the boss, where she’s in charge/in control /on top! Yes, I am really only interested in her, she is fascinating. Yes, the website you refer to (Nadine Jansen) is German, I believe. Score is American. But she did do some stuff with them that is okay. They seem to be obsessed with trying to show her pussy when such photography is against the law in Japan…


  2. Yes, Nadine Jansen is based in Germany, and I believe Milena Velba is as well, who she has worked with for other photo shoots as well. I rather like her photo shoots with Nadine’s studio quite a bit better than the ones with Score (not all include Nadine). Maybe some disagree with me but that seems to be the general consensus online as well.

    Yes, I’m glad you agree about the rape scenes. I have never ever liked it, and I think it can be harmful for men to keep seeing that too…

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    1. Yes, there are no doubt many men out there incapable of differentiating between porn (which is all about fantasy) and real life. That is a danger. As Hitomi herself makes it clear, porn is just work, a job.


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