Pencil and watercolour sketch…

…of a partially nude girl, A3 paper

Me still learning how to draw at my age!

Wasted my life painting cubist/dadaist/expressionist/abstract etc etc crap!

Late in life I learn how drawing is all… getting the drawing right… by whatever means.

I have listened to so much modernist bullshit about art, about painting and drawing, even taken it seriously!

I was conned!

By the art educators who are mostly useless failed career artists, not real artists, not masters… historians too, and critics, the entire motley art-crew!

Anyway, enough ranting!


    1. Thank you! But I realise, perhaps too late, that I have to improve. My drawing is not good enough. I recently acquired ‘Drawing from Memory’ by Marie Elizabeth Cave which throws a whole new light on drawing. Oh, and other stuff I’ve been reading and investigating… over the years as well as more recently… leads me to believe that we have lost difficultly gained knowledge of the craft side of painting and drawing… Maybe the general public was right all along when, to a man, they repeated the mantra ‘contemporary art is rubbish’! I myself went to art schools and was taught mostly nothing! Although in the life class at Reigate School of Art which I attended (way back when!) the portrait painter Michael Noakes did occasionally show interest and corrected my drawing….. But there seems to be a movement now generally away from Modernism in which artists are trying to recover the craft side of art… the artists in 19th century France rebelled against the academies… and the critics endorsed their rebelliousness… what I’m trying to say, very badly, is we have somehow gotten lost, lost our way… we cannot return, we cannot go backwards but we must recover what was good from the academic tradition and reject much from the anti-academic rebels… I’m only speaking of the Western art tradition, which has been influenced by many other traditions and developments not the least technological… enough said, for now.

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      1. You may be right about that. And learning to draw must be a huge advantage for a further painting career.

        I’m have no education in art, but I must say that I think your drawings look very good. The Dostoievsky drawing, for example. You couldn’t draw something like that without having the skills of managing realistic drawings. To be able to choose what to draw, what not to draw and how to put it together.

        I guess we always have higher levels to reach for, though, no matter what stage we are at.

        And to pay respect to the craft is imortant, with some rebelling now and then πŸ™‚

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      2. I think if you get the overall outline shape of the head more or less right the scribbled lines within aren’t so difficult … the Dostoievsky was based on a photograph… I don’t know whether the proportions are exact but they are near enough… yes, set the mark as high as possible, we can never reach it… art like life is a voyage of discovery, self-discovery, one in which we never stop learning… one needs several lifetimes to learn even a fraction of all there is to know! Lol!

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      3. Haha!! Well, I don’t know about that!! We still try and reach out for the stars …. There have been some very fine artists who got as near as dammit to perfection… it’s like a competition, in a way …. we want to be the best whether it be artistically, morally, physically, or whatever… πŸ™‚

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  1. Great work Peter! Lucie Wilde if I’m not mistaken? And you may see the flaws in your art, but it’s far better than what I can draw! I agree with your thoughts on art education. As someone who went to music college, I too sometimes feel conned by academia. Most of the work I do for a living include skills in music I never learned at school… hopefully this is going to change soon!

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    1. Thanks for the moral support vis a vis education… I think many artists would agree that somehow one has to unlearn all (or as much as is humanly possible) of the stuff one was taught (assuming one was taught anything at all !!) in the educational system! I’ve spent years, many years in colleges and universities, studying, and now I feel I was kind-of brainwashed into believing the consensus of (mere) art opinion… well, I was pretty stupid… yes, I think Lucie Wilde has or had, (I believe she retired, she disliked porn, she found herself in the wrong slot,) but, I was going to say, her body is/was exceptionally well shaped, equal to the best (going by modern standards) but you could see she just wasn’t into what she was doing… who can blame her? The thing that put me off music was having to learn to read it, I play the guitar, strum, sometimes, and sing, but by ear. Hope things are going well for you!


      1. Yes, she did not stay in the industry for very long at all, and unfortunately right after retiring she got a significant breast reduction surgery…

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