Coloured pencil on handmade paper stretched over a 9 x 9″ stretcher-bar frame (like a canvas)

An experiment

Unable to do much more with it… not able to apply pressure for fear of creating a dent or hole in the paper… one could of course stretch paper and then apply a few coats of acrylic primer to it which would increase its strength…

Although, having said that, it occurs to me that further work on the image can be done without fear of damage using digital software media! So here’s a (slightly) digitally modified version of the drawing:


  1. Love the different style on this one! I actually like the non-digitally modified version better, even with the imperfections… seems more “organic” in my humble opinion

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    1. Hmm… interesting… thank you ! There is a pointillistic ‘feel’ about it although that was not a deliberate intention. I remember looking at Seurat’s drawings many many years ago… it sort-of reminds me of my vague memories of them.

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