1. No, thank you !! I really appreciate your nice words. I don’t know Meowko, just came across her accidentally because she likes cats, and I like cats too, and she looks beautiful, and she’s funny !! Thank you, again !!

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      1. I did show her the artwork and this is what she said, “Wow Thank you for beautiful picture (Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes) this is amazing!”, which was really very nice of her !!

        A lot of girls, not just girls but people generally, when they get many followers and fans, and become minor celebrities (in the scheme of things) they also get conceited and think themselves very important.

        To my mind we’re all equal in this life. No one is better than anyone else.

        I quit Instagram and Facebook a good while back. I don’t like them collecting data on me and selling it to big tech corps.

        Thanks for your thoughts Shrushti ! πŸ™‚

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      2. Happy to hear that she liked your work.

        And our views are somewhat similar I guess… To me too, everyone is equal and should consider oneself equally important. Also, just like you, I have quit all the social media (While, my argument wasn’t as tenable as yours) and it really feels much better to be far away from them. πŸ˜€

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      3. I agree, I feel much better without Facebook and whatever…

        I like the way you qualify ‘similar’ with ‘somewhat’… makes me smile!

        Where did you learn English BTW? If you’ve only been speaking it for the last approx 5 years then you’re doing exceptionally well. You have a way with words.

        I liked the story about you getting a hug from your dad… enough from me anyway.

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      4. I read books… a LOT!
        English interests me greatly and also, it is kind of a second language here. So I’ve been learning it for way more than five years I guess. I’m still learning btw.

        I liked the story about you getting a hug from your dad…

        Glad you liked that β™‘ Thank You!!

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      5. I used to read a great deal, not so much now, just art books… books help one to understand stuff, express oneself, and write. But they also create forgetfulness, according to Plato’s Socrates !!
        You’re welcome!

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      6. Yes, we’d become ‘hearers of many things and learners of nothing’. But isn’t it ironic? That we’re citing a written statement to support an argument against the written texts?

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      7. Yes, one of the enigmas of language ! The ancient philosophers tell us to argue with reason and not from authority ! Lol !

        How refreshing, how charming, your intelligence is! I’m an old man and slow, dinosauric perhaps, and there’s you, a bright young thing full of wit and wisdom !

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