Just a detail…

…from a watercolour experiment on Arches paper, stretched on 18 x 12″ canvas stretchers

Played about with the watercolour image manipulating it with digital software and came up with this:

It’s just the faces, nothing more, of two Japanese models / porn stars, both of which show very different personalities / characters…

Chalk and cheese?

There’s a visual symmetry going on, near enough, it’s almost a mirror image, but my guess is that’s as far as it goes!

So, no, they’re not sharing an umbrella!


  1. Great work! What a shame that Kaho retired before her and Hitomi could do any scenes together. All we have are the photo shoots… By the way I wanted to share a clip with you of a segment from a music video I created. It’s all I can do since I don’t have the time to learn to paint or draw at your level. I thought you might appreciate this since it is all solo Hitomi and not anything hardcore: https://www.redgifs.com/watch/feistyoverduewhitetippedreefshark

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    1. Kaho from what little I’ve seen of her on the Internet comes across to me as a business-woman / business-minded woman. There was a video of her with Hitomi that I saw in part in which they were kissing each others tits ! But it’s interesting that she has retired from the industry. Yes, I’ll take a look at your music vid now.

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    2. Watched the vid… music sounds like JSBach… he’s probably turning in his grave right now !!! Was going to give it a like but means I have to create an account and all associated problematics! So I give you a like here !

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