Fun and games

starring Hitomi Tanaka Pencil, watercolour, gouache, on A3 paper


Faber-Castell Polychromos pencil on A3 paper


Pen, brush and ink on A3 paper

Another portrait study

Initial pencil and charcoal drawing on a 14 x 14″ canvas Update, 23/02/2022. Background roughed in. Update, 22/02/2022. Charcoal drawing … More

Portrait of a man

Frederic Chopin Rotring pens and Chinese ink stick washes on A4 paper After an image of a Daguerreotype


,50 nib Rotring pen on A4


a photographic image, a bronze, a plaster cast,

My friend Cat

A fun-filled drawing/painting of my good friend. Pencil, charcoal, soft pastel, watercolour, gouache, on A3 Ingres paper.


A wise man who came to the realisation that in all honesty and truth he knew nothing. Fountain pen sketch … More

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Lion of Panjshir Fountain pen sketch on Arches paper. Image size 10 x 15″ Fine weatherbeaten face

Beautiful or ugly?

Healthy or diseased? Fountain pen and watercolour on Arches paper. Size of image 20 x 8″

Her face

Fountain pen sketch on A4 watercolour paper


Fountain pen and ink on Arches watercolour paper Approx 12 1/2 x 19″