Thoughts on porn

In a way porn is a kind-of social barometer: the more porn the less happiness and fulfilment. Nay, it perversely encourages unhappiness and negative feelings of self, (not to mention how it makes one feel about others,) for the more unhappy people there are the more they will tend to consume porn.

It is then a drug with addicts in their millions looking for a euphoric ‘high’ but never reaching it. Or maybe reaching it, i.e., a climax, for a moment or two during masturbatory sex. Porn is then about short-term pleasure not long-term happiness.

Porn is inevitably socially destructive and harmful where it flourishes in this sense: it is a grossly materialistic industry in which high value is placed on bodies, body parts, possessions, material values, and of course making money.

It is also about image, body image, social standing, popularity and the suchlike, but the images it projects are mostly ugly and certainly wholly lacking in integrity. I cannot say it turns performers and watchers into animals because animals are innocent, but I can say that people who engage in pornographic activities whether as performers or users have somehow lost touch with the seeing mind aspect of themselves and have become blind.

Perhaps porn has a cathartic function? Perhaps there is therapeutic value in it? Perhaps it makes life worth living for all the lonely souls addicted to it? I don’t know.

In a similar fashion it is analogous to Internet so-called ‘social media’ which is another exploitative and manipulative industry, one in which people are bought and sold by likes and flattery.

Porn is a form of idolatry, of worship, tantamount to religion. Porn is a church and porn stars are worshipped as saints, as gods and goddesses. Believe it or not!

Porn is about big stuff being better than little stuff. It is analogous to might being right. Big tits are better than small tits. Abnormally sized body parts are better than normal size body parts. Big money is better than small change. Power is better than impotence. Porn is about control or the lack of self-control. Masters are better than slaves. Big V12 auto engines are better than small engines. Big is beautiful. Small is ugly!

Porn is a denial of such things as affection and love. It takes yet gives nothing in return. In that sense it is like Capitalism. It promises to fill the void with goods but fails to deliver. It is against the idea that human beings can have warm feelings for other human beings and animals. It has no time for genuine human feelings of warmth and kindness. Porn presents a false, distorted, view of human relations, and reality.

It also denies religious and philosophical/spiritual values – although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Religion too is full of hypocrisy, it preys on and exploits human weaknesses, for profit, and gives nothing in return except vacuous promises about heavenly worlds in the hereafter where justice prevails!

In porn there is no altruistic love there is only mechanical repetitive sex; violence in the form of rape scenes; close-ups of genitalia. Men, especially, so it seems, confuse love and sex: fantasy is presented as reality, and many men believe the fantasies. The impossible is presented as possible. It is all a lie of course.

To sum up, porn is a cold and exploitative industry devoid of human kindness: it appeals only to the base instincts in man. It is a power thing, a masturbatory road to nowhere, and therefore, ironically, it is perhaps somewhat absurdly fitting for our materialistic Internet age!

Porn parodies or burlesquifies human sexual relations but, unfortunately, the alternatives to porn (what are they?) are not much better! Lol!